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Cookies, localStorage and sessionStorage

Giosg stores information in cookies and in browser's localStorage. These are are persistent information like the visitor's id or the state of the chat window.

Giosg use sessionStorage to store temporary variables. These include things like which rules have matched during this session.


These values are stored on the customer's site in browser's cookies if available. Domain for these cookies is always the domain that giosg script is installed to.

Note that the {$COMPANY_ID} placeholders will be replaced with the ID of your organization's giosg account. You may check your "Account ID" from the settings: Company → Account information.

Further information regarding cookies and their purpose can also be found from Giosg Transparency & Consent (TC) API documentation.

List of cookies

Cookie name Description Life time
giosg_chat_id_{$COMPANY_ID} Organization specific visitor identifier 1 year
giosg_sgid_{$COMPANY_ID} Personal, secret identifier of the visitor. This cookie is set only for those visitors for whom we cannot store this information to * domain in an iframe because of blocked third-party cookies. 1 year
Cookie name Content/meaning of the stored information? Reason why the information is stored?
giosg_chat_id_{$COMPANY_ID} Signed random string identifying visitor inside customers account This cookie is used to distinguish unique users and allow chat to continue from page to page.
giosg_sgid_{$COMPANY_ID} Signed random secret string Personal, secret identifier of the visitor. This ID is only known by the end users browser and is only sent to Giosg for validation and generation of giosg_chat_id_{$COMPANY_ID} when moving between domains. This secret prevents any other person to impersonate the visitor or access their private data.


These values are stored on the customer's site in browser's localStorage if available


  • Used for keeping track of visitor chat window status


  • Used for keeping track if visitor opened the chat window.


  • Used for keeping track which room the visitor was when they opened chat dialog


  • Used for keeping track of room that contains the active call.


  • Contains the total price of the basket for rules


  • Contains json encoded products in cart


  • Used when showing interactions to visitors to control state of interaction within session.


  • Used for keeping track of the order where interaction views are shown. This will be used for reporting.


These values are stored on the customer's site in browser's sessionStorage if available


  • Used for keeping track of operator online statuses status between page loads.


  • Used by giosg rules.
  • Each matched rule on in the same room creates a record in sessionStorage if rules are set to "match only once on page" or "match only once in session".


  • Used to only send autosuggest once per session.


  • Used in interaction designer to keep interaction state during visitor session.