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Updated the CSP policy documentation to include our streaming provider (2024-5-24)

The CSP policy documentation.

References to deprecated trial account creation was removed from the documentation (2024-05-10)

Added API documentations for visitor chat and room queue API (2024-04-10)

Added Visitor queue API and Room queue API

Updated info on short chats, to reflect definition in help center, and implementation in chat reporting (2024-03-27)

Added documentation about Signicat.

New document about giosg Signicat integration

Updated giosg proxy documentation (2024-01-12)

Updated giosg proxy documentation to support new visitor dialog.

Added documentation about triggering AI Chatbot using an action message.

Updated Control AI Chatbot via APIs

Updated Cookie information.

  • Fixed typo on one of the key names.
  • Removed deprecated keys from the list.
  • Made the page more readable and understandable.

Documented sending and using generic reporting (2023-12-20)

Added a tutorial for sending and fetching generic reporting data.

Added missing domain in Content-Security-Policy documentation(2023-12-20)

Added missing domain * to Content-Security-Policy documentation

Updated interaction builder API documentation (2023-12-20)

New element APIs applyThemeStyle to apply existing styles to elements with JS and addEventListener("click", ...) to add custom click handlers with JS

Updated documentation to match current state (2023-12-13)

Added new field "Acting Behalf authorization roles" to the app setup config section. Modified failed authentication workflow payload & description. Separated logout (success & fail) workflows payload to it's own code block.

Updating API concerning workflow (2023-07-28)

Update API information for workflow fetching and fetching filter value for workflow based on time interval

Added new visitor revoke HTTP API documentation (2023-10-20)

Added documentation for the new visitor revoke HTTP API

Documented support for hidden visitor variables (2023-09-07)

Documented support for hidden (not rendered) Visitor variables which can be created by prefixin the variable name with double underscore.

Following documentations were updated:

Updated giosg Transparency&Consent documentation (2023-09-07)

Updated "Purpose usage and explanation" section in Transparency&Consent documentation.

Goal Fetching added (2023-06-27)

Added a tutorial for fetching goals metrics.

Documented Giosg client API (2023-05-31)

Documented Giosg client API to giosg client api documentation page.

Documented Giosg Agent UI system requirements (2023-05-23)

Documented system requirements for Giosg Agent UI to supported browsers page. now supports UUIDs (2023-04-03)

Use uuid in javascript close api documentation.

Updated documentation of Giosg's Domains and IP addresses (2023-03-22)

Added documentation about * domain to Giosg Domain and IP Addresses.

Updated documentation of Giosg used cookies (2023-02-23)

Removed giosg_reporting_pageview_track_seq_num from the list of values stored on the customer's site in browser's localStorage.

Added another example of creating Room Visitor Variable using HTTP API (2023-02-22)

Update Room Visitor Variables API documentation with another example on how to add room visitor variable using HTTP API.

Document room uuid support in room js api and getJoinedRooms method (2023-02-8)

Replace legacy room ids with normal room uuids at room js api documentation and mention new getJoinedRooms method.

Updated documentation of Giosg used cookies (2023-02-06)

Updated documentation of Giosg Cookies, localStorage and sessionStorage usage. Also fixed cookie lifetime to be 1 years instead of previously documented 2 years.

Documented Visitor Uploads API encryption (2023-02-01)

Added documentation for new encrypted visitor uploads API Visitor Uploads API documentation

Updated Giosg Proxy documentation (2023-01-30)

Updated Giosg Proxy documentation by adding /giosg_api/ endpoint to allowed list.

Documented organization chat invitations API (2023-01-02)

Added documentation for new organization chat invitations API organization chat invitations API documentation

Documented giosg service (2022-12-28)

Added documentation about giosg

Documented domain to Giosg Domains and IP addresses (2022-12-28)

Added documentation about domain to Giosg Domain and IP Addresses

Added tag_created and tag_deleted message types (2022-12-19)

Added new message types (tag_created, tag_deleted) for chat message.

Now cookie listing contains the new cookies used for more detail reporting.

Replaced interactionbuilder instance with interactionbuilder (2022-10-31)

Now, user will be redirected to "interactionbuilder" domain whenever they try to access "interactionbuilder" domain.

Added info about new localStorage key used by chat platform (2022-09-22)

Added information about activeCallRoom local storage key.

Added Tutorial Sending Visitorvariables through API (2022-09-22)

Added Sending visitor variables through HTTP API tutorial.

Updated giosg Basket tutorial (2022-09-22)

Removed "addProduct" method from tutorial, as it is deprecated in V2 version of the giosg script.

Removing reporting target (2022-04-20)

Since target reporting is removed from chat, mentioning of it should also be removed.

Published tutorial for connecting external chat service into Giosg platform (2022-03-10)

Added Third-party visitor chat integration tutorial to navigation and removed draft warning.

Added Adding actions to the giosg visitor chat client (2022-03-09)

Added a document to explain adding actions to the giosg visitor chat client.

Added new field to memberships API documentation (2022-03-02)

Added is_user_deleted field to memberships API documentation.

Added tutorial for connecting external chat service into Giosg platform (2022-02-21)

Added draf version of Third-party visitor chat integration tutorial.

Improved Fetching chat conversations tutorial and updated some links.

Giosg WorkForce Management API documentation has been removed

Documentation regarding deprecated Giosg WorkForce Management API has been removed.

Interaction Builder Report Data Fetching (2022-02-09)

Added a document to explain how to gather reporting metrics from interactions that are created using Interaction Builder.

V1/V2 differences

Added V1/v2 differences documentation to the How the giosg script works.

Added giosg Transparency&Consent documentation

The new giosg script v2 is supporting Transparency&Consent preferences.

Deprecate multiple APIs following Giosg Script V2 launch (2021-12-16)

The new giosg script v2 release was to better support our current and new customers, the new giosg script is much faster, better for our customers SEO score and supports new exciting features.

  • Made giosg script V2 default for all new customers. (Existing customers can upgrade by contacting giosg support)
  • Lead forms are now deprecated;
  • Pipeline API has been deprecated;
  • Giosg Target product is now deprecated;
  • Chat and Button customizability has been simplified;

Added tutorial on how to embed new giosg to website and how to install chrome extension (2021-10-11)

Add the automation api (27.06.2022)

  • All the new apis and methods are documented

Improved User Preferences updating API (2021-09-15)

Updated Interactions JS API docs (2021-08-05)

Updated Interaction Designer API docs (2021-08-02)

  • Remove an outdated link "listing interactions in collection"
  • Describe workspaceUid query parameter in Listing interactions

Added Conversational Reporting 101 tutorial (2021-07-23)

Updated Conversational Reporting API (2021-06-29)

Added tutorial on how to fetch counts of used tags (2021-06-28)

Updated Conversational Reporting API (2021-05-28)

  • Updated Interaction Copy API documentation with new optional argument, forceUniqueName. Note that default copied interaction naming behaviour has changed to not add numbering to the name in case the name is duplicate.

Updated Conversational Reporting API (2021-05-27)

Updated Conversational Reporting API (2021-05-20)

Added Interaction updating API documentation (2021-05-04)

Added new attributes to live interaction click and formdata events (2021-04-26)

Added Getting Started with Conversational Reporting (2021-04-15)

Interaction Designer Form Data API now works with interaction UUID instead of legacy project ID (2021-04-13)

  • Updated Interaction Designer Form data API to use new interactionUuid for filtering form data to be more consistent with other API endpoints. Added note on how the API use can get the interaction ID which is needed in the API call.

Added new attributes to live interaction click event (2021-04-13)

Fixed issue in example code of listening live interaction events (2021-04-12)

Updated Conversational Reporting API (2021-04-06)

Added Interaction Designer embedding tutorial (2021-03-31)

Updated Interaction Designer collection API (2021-03-24)

  • Updated Interaction Designer Collection API documentation with version in the url. Also renamed API endpoint from /groups to /collections to be consistent. Old API endpoint url's will still continue working as long as there are users using it.

Added Interaction copy API documentation (2021-03-15)

Added Interactions API documentation (2021-03-15)

Added Collections API documentation (2021-03-15)

Changelog document added to the site (2021-02-15)

  • Changelog contains info about all site changes

Old changelog


The old changelog migrated from previous documentation site can be found here.