Link Preview API

You can fetch basic info about a webpage with:

GET /api/v5/link_preview

  "title" : "giosg - Only Meaningful Interactions",
  "description": "We are more than just a live chat software - with our platform you can create banners, button chatbots, lead forms and so much more! Get started with a free sign up and the best live chat platform on the market.",
  "preview": "",
  "preview_is_logo": true,
  "url": "",
  "status": "success"
  "status": "failure",
  "detail": "The url couldn't be fetched"

This endpoint returns:

  • 200 if there was no validation errors on input attributes
  • 400 if url attribute is missing
  • 401 if you are not authenticated
  • 403 if you do not have active subscription
  • 403 if you do not have access to the organization

These endpoint takes the following GET-parameters:

Parameter Type Default Description
url string Url of the web page which info you want.

The API will return 200 error code even if no preview was generated. You need to check the status field and verify that it is success before using any of the other fields. You can get more info about why it failed from detail field.

Link preview has the following attributes:

Attribute Type Required Description
title string required Title of the page. It is None if the request failed.
description string optional Short description of the page, if website provides one.
preview string optional Url of image preview that the page provided.
preview_is_logo boolean required Tells if the preview is logo or prominent image from the page.
url string required The requested url. The url is reformatted, so there may be minor differences to the url parameter.
status string required If the link preview was succesfully fetched, this will be success otherwice failure.
detail string optional An error message if the status was failure.