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Example usage

Here are some examples of what APIs your app might want to use:

Authentication and Authorization

You need to authenticate using API tokens when using reporting APIs. For info on how to get and use API token see Authentication topic of Giosg HTTP API.


NOTE! Only users with 'reports' permission are allowed to get access to reporting services.

Authentication with an API token

Authorization: Token 03d90e5dbba495469af27ab32dd27cee461a26bc

To authenticate to reporting service you need to provide the api_key for each following API request in a Authorization HTTP header:

Authorization: Token <api_key>

You should replace the <api_key> with the token you created.

Accept Header

You also need to define that you accept JSON-formatted responses by providing the Accept HTTP header:

Accept: application/json

Alternatively, if you are unable to customize headers, you may add format=json GET parameter.

Time ranges

Unless stated otherwise, all the endpoints that require time range to be specified allow maximum range of 180 days.

Time ranges are inclusive meaning that both end and start date are included in results. For example if you specify 2016-01-01 as a start_date and 2016-01-02 as end_date you will get report data from two days.

Migrating from to


NOTE! If you are still using APIs from you should read this

Our old reporting domain has been deprecated and will be removed in the future. It is being replaced with our new API Gateway at

Here is how you can migrate your existing code from to

Previous workflow

  • Create an API Token from the web interface if you do not have on already
  • Example API token 03d90e5dbba495469af27ab32dd27cee461a26bc
  • Use the API token to fetch permission token from Reporting Permission API
  • Example request POST
  • Permission API responds with a permission token that expires in 10 minutes
  • Use that permission token to fetch data from reporting APIs

Because now handles permissions and authentication using reporting APIs is simplified.

Permission tokens are not needed anymore. You can just create your API Token and start fetching data.

New workflow